If I had to guess, approximately 50 different have told me, "Oh! You want to learn how to snowboard?! I'll teach you!" It was starting to get to the point where I didn't think it would actually happen.

But finally one of my friends came through and stuck to their word. I went snowboarding for the first time on New Year's Day 2013 and sort of successfully conquered the bunny hill. Sort of. But I loved it. And wanted to go back as soon as my knees were no longer purple and returned to their normal color.

Since then, we've gone to Ski Roundtop twice where I learned how to get on and off the chairlift and went down two runs several times. It was a blast! The picture to the right is of us at Roundtop.

To say the least, I have a new hobby. I even purchased my own snowboard.

Two down, 67 to go.

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