Yes, the main propose of my blog is to focus on ice hockey. In case you don’t know me too well, I’m a sports nerd and it just happens that hockey is my favorite sport. But since it’s the offseason, I thought I’ll delve into some other topics. Today: the new college football playoff format.

When I first heard about this new 4-team playoff structure I was excited that FINALLY the players would get to decide it on the field instead of a computer deciding a team’s fate. Like many college football fans I hated the BCS structure that we’re still going to be stuck with until 2014. I love rooting for the underdogs and would have loved to see some of the past top non-BCS conference teams (TCU for example) play it out against college football’s big guns.

However, I think with only 4 teams making it that the small schools will still be left out. Yes there will always be someone looking on the outside looking in no matter how many teams are included in the playoff. Especially since a committee will be determining the teams.